QQQ Benefits From End-Of-Quarter Portfolio Rebalancing

Analyst Paul Weisbruch of Street One Financial brings us his daily fund flows update, which today points out the winners and losers of the traditional quarter-end portfolio moves that we tend to see on Wall Street. It’s all about end-of-the-quarter portfolio rebalancing, or what some refer to as “window dressing” […]

Homebuilders In Focus As Home Prices Accelerate At Fastest Pace In 3 Years

From Tyler Durden: U.S. Home Prices rose at 5.7% year-over-year in January, according to the latest data from Case-Shiller. This is the fastest rate of price appreciation since July 2014. The six-month lagged response to the surge in mortgage rates suggests things may be about to slow down dramatically though: […]

Can Platinum’s Price Performance Live Up To Its Fund Inflows?

From Zacks: Even though money managers are not looking at platinum as a potential investment, ETF investors are still bullish on it. Holdings in platinum ETF PPLT posted a sixth straight weekly gain as of March 17, 2017, the longest span since November 2016. About $9.2 million was invested into […]

Ludwig von Mises and Trash TV

By: Tho Bishop According to reports, Danielle Bregoli, the 14 year-old girl who became a popular internet meme this year due to a failed intervention on the Dr. Phil, show has signed a deal for her own reality television show. On a personal level, there is much to find offensive […]

Tesla Inc Shares Jump As Tencent Takes 5% Stake In Company

From StockNews.com: Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) saw its stock rise up to 3% on Tuesday morning, after news broke that a mega cap Chinese company has taken a significant stake in the electric vehicle and energy giant. Tencent Holdings Ltd, perhaps best known as the parent company of messaging app WeChat, […]

Technical Support Keeps Dow Jones Industrial Average Afloat

Technical analyst Dave Chojnacki of Street One Financial reviews Monday’s wild stock action, which saw a massive gap down open met by an impressive rally as the day progressed, and updates the rapidly-changing technical levels for investors and traders to focus on as the first quarter draws to a close. […]

Trouble Brewing For U.K. Stocks Ahead Of Brexit Process?

From BlackRock: The UK is set to formally begin the Brexit process this week. Isabelle Mateos y Lago explains what this could mean for the UK economy and markets. The UK’s outperformance among G7 economies in 2016 was a surprise. Yet we see a slowdown on the horizon as a […]

Copper Might Be Setting Up For A Major Bounce Soon

From Sean Brodrick: Investors are getting a case of the jitters watching copper’s recent trading action. Since mid-February, copper has been in a big correction. And it’s handing you an opportunity. This pullback has implications for all kinds of markets beyond metals. Investors call this metal “Doctor Copper,” because it […]

Expect More Turmoil For Banks In The Near Term

From Brad Hoppmann: The action in markets last week, and again today, can perhaps best be described in a single word: Stalled. Last Tuesday’s 1%-plus decline nearly across the board was the first such decline in the major averages in 110 trading sessions. So, to say we were overdue for […]

How Concerning Are The Pullbacks In Banks And Small Caps?

Money manager and analyst Chris Ciovacco examines the recent downturn in small cap stocks and financials, and makes an interesting conclusion that fears are probably overblown — for now. Small Caps: Nothing Alarming Yet Small caps (IWM) and banks (XLF) rallied after the U.S. election based on expectations for reduced […]

Here’s What Could Drive Oil Prices Higher This Summer

From Osama Rizvi: Uncertainty is dominating today’s oil markets, with production cuts, ballooning inventories and a rising rig count all adding to oil price volatility. And as the summer driving season approaches and oil companies return to their projects here are four key factors to watch closely. Inventory, Rig counts […]

European Markets Are Whistling Past The Brexit Graveyard

From Mike Burnick: It’s been nine months since Britain stunned the world by voting to leave the European Union. After decades of accepting the European Union’s burdensome regulations – one after another – the British people finally said enough is enough. Now, the EU’s days of stifling the economic growth […]

The Next Great Commodity Investment? Maybe Water

From Invesco: While we in North America tend to take fresh water resources for granted, fresh water is an increasingly scarce commodity in other parts of the world. There is a fixed amount of water available worldwide, with 97.5% of it in the form of salt water unfit for human […]

Gasoline Prices Down Slightly From Last Week As Crude Stabilzes

From Jill Mislinski: It’s time again for our weekly gasoline update based on data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA). The price of Regular is down a penny and Premium is unchanged from last week. According to GasBuddy.com, Hawaii has the highest average price for Regular at $3.03 and San […]

BlackRock: Here’s What Fed Rate Hikes Will Mean For The Markets

From BlackRock: We see market complacency as a risk as the Federal Reserve normalizes its pace of normalization. Jeff Rosenberg explains. The Federal Reserve’s (Fed’s) rate hike earlier this month marks a departure from the glacial pace of tightening in the past two years. By raising rates three months after […]

Steve Bannon Dismisses Austrian Economics

By: Jeff Deist Writing in The New York Times Magazine about last week’s stillborn RyanCare bill, Robert Draper recalls a conversation he had with White House strategist Stephen Bannon earlier this year. Bannon, lamenting the ability of both congressional Democrats and Republicans to get things done, contrasts the identity-obsessed progressives with the one-trick […]

Strategist: Keep Calm, Tax Reform Is On Its Way

Stocks had their worst day in months last Tuesday. The S&P 500 Index retreated more than 1 percent for the first time since October, and the small-cap Russell 2000 Index gave back more than 2 percent for the first time since September. As of Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average […]

Why Angela Merkel Hates Tax Competition

By: Ryan McMaken European political leaders gathered in Malta last month to discuss the future of the European Union. During the meeting, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made sure to denounce any post-Brexit move on the part of the United Kingdom to lower corporate taxes. (Merkel condemned efforts by the US […]

Europe ETFs Present A Compelling Risk/Reward Tradeoff

For most of the current decade, the U.S. stock market has been the place to be. In fact, no other major region of the world has even come close to its performance. Since the beginning of 2010, the S&P 500 (SPY) has returned more than 140%. That’s easily more than […]

Mid Cap Funds Begin To Join Large Caps With Significant Outflows

We have seen some end-of-the quarter profit taking in Large and Mid-Cap equities, at least evidenced by the flows in ETFs. In contrast, we’re seeing noticeable inflows into Small-Cap Equities via IWM (iShares Russell 2000, Expense Ratio 0.20%. Today, we would like to point out the $700 million and $400 million […]