On the the next radio program: "Trumped! A Nation On The Brink Of Ruin & How to Bring It Back."David Stockman, Michael Oliver and James Anderson are guests.
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Some articles to ponder about

Jay Taylor, Editor of J Taylor's Gold Energy & Tech Stocks and Jaytaylormedia, combs the Internet in search of articles that shine a floodlight on the truth about why the economies of the world and the US dollar is doomed and why you MUST exchange as many dollars as possible NOW for gold!  To read other noteworthy articles go to ... [Read More]

What Happens to Gold when Stocks and Bonds Both Collapse?

Alasdair Macleod and Michael Oliver are returning guests and Brian Ostroff appears for the first time on this week’s radio program. Michael’s work strongly suggests that we are nearing a prolonged bear market not only in stocks but also in U.S. ... [Read More]

A Brain-damaged US President with Finger on the Nuclear Button?

William Engdahl, Dr. Quinton Hennigh and Michael Oliver return as guests on this week’s radio program. Amidst growing evidence of severe health issues facing Hillary Clinton and ongoing revelations of lies and corruption involving the former ... [Read More]

Russia Bought 24 Tons of Gold in August

From Nathan McDonald: In the face of everything that is going on during this insane election cycle, it is easy to forget that there are forces operating behind the scenes, regardless of what the news cycle is reporting on. The elections, which are to ... [Read More]

Disney Shares Are Looking Like a Buy Here

From Bob Ciura: It was just a few years ago that The Walt Disney Co. (NYSE:DIS) was one of the market’s top growth stocks. But things have dramatically changed. Disney stock is down 11% so far in 2016, making it one of the worst-performing ... [Read More]

Is the Fed Rally Already Over?

From Doug Short: The global rally focused on central bank policy, the BOJ and especially the Fed’s refusal to hike rates, came to an end on Friday. Major global indexes in Asia, Europe and the US all finished in the red. Our preferred benchmark ... [Read More]

Former Employees Slap Wells Fargo with $2.6 Billion Lawsuit

From Tyler Durden: Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE:WFC) is facing a massive class action lawsuit from employees it jettisoned amid its account-opening scandal that has drawn the ire of regulators, investors, and the general public. In the first legal ... [Read More]

Things Have Never Been Better for Investors

From David Fabian: Despite feelings of pessimism and discontent among the investing public — and negative headlines from the media — things have never been better for investors. This is ludicrous! The Fed has lost all credibility! The ... [Read More]

Russia Expects $40 Oil to Last Through 2017

From OilPrice.com: The Russian government will plan its 2017-2019 budget based $40 oil for the country’s signature Urals blend of crude, according to Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. The minister added that the so-called budget rule—which ... [Read More]

Gold Miners Correction Continues, Despite Dovish Fed

From Jordan Roy-Byrne: There were some hopes that a non-move by the Fed would end the current correction in precious metals and spark a move to new highs. Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve cannot override the supply and demand component of the ... [Read More]

Social Media ETF Soars on Twitter Buyout Rumors

The only social media-focused exchange traded fund, the Global X Social Media Index ETF (NYSE:SOCL), hit fresh all-time highs on Friday, driven largely by rumors that Twitter could soon be acquired. According to reports yesterday, Twitter Inc. ... [Read More]

General Electric’s Credit Rating Cut at S&P on Debt Concerns

Industrial superpower General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) received a big credit rating downgrade last night from Standard and Poor’s, which cited expectations of future debt expansion for the move. GE has been actively shedding non-core assets ... [Read More]

Facebook’s Video Metric Scandal Could Cause Budget Freezes, Industry Changes

Social media king Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is on thin ice with advertisers after it was revealed the company overstated an important video viewing metric, and the fallout could soon hurt its bottom line and change the online ad landscape ... [Read More]

Canaccord Genuity Says Nike’s Upcoming Earnings Will Disappoint

Athletic footwear and apparel maker Nike Inc (NYSE:NKE) received some bearish notes from analysts at Canaccord Genuity today. The firm maintained its “Hold” rating but cut its price target on NKE from $56 to $52, citing several factors ... [Read More]

Apple Shares Fall Up to 2% on Report of Weak iPhone Sales

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) shares plunged up to 2% in mere minutes this afternoon, following a report that initial iPhone 7 sales could be much lower than anticipated. Market research firm GfK published a note today that according to its findings, ... [Read More]

Sources: Twitter Wants a Massive $30 Billion for Buyout

Social media giant Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) saw its shares explode higher today on imminent takeover rumors, but its reported asking price may make finding a buyer very difficult. According to Recode, which spoke to sources close to the ... [Read More]

A Deeper Look Into the Only Dow Jones Industrials ETF

When it comes to “Old School” ETFs, most think of “Spyders” and “Diamonds,” of course. Today, let’s take a deeper look into the well-known and tenured SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (NYSE:DIA). The DIA ... [Read More]

From Gold Trains to Gold Loans – Banca d’Italia’s Mammoth Gold Reserves

Posted at www.bullionstar.com on 23 Sep 2016 by Ronan Manly Italy’s gold has had an eventful history. Robbed by the Nazis and taken to Berlin. Loaded on to gold trains and sent to Switzerland. Flown from London to Milan and Rome. Used as ... [Read More]

Big Al Talks Up Gold!

* Dollar fights back.. * Eurozone Flash PMI's remain resilient!. * Oil price bumps higher! * U.S. Data continues to disappoint! . ******************************************** And now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts.   Good Day. ... [Read More]

Could Microsoft Find the Cure for Cancer?

Although software giant Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) isn’t a biotech company, that isn’t deterring it from attempting to cure cancer — and it thinks it’ll succeed within the next ten years. The ambitious plans kicked ... [Read More]

Biotech ETF Hits Key $300 Level for the First Time in 9 Months

The world’s largest biotech etf, the iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (NASDAQ:IBB), closed above the $300 level yesterday for the first time since January. The IBB, which holds many of the biggest and most well-known biotech stocks, counts ... [Read More]

Wells Fargo CEO Resigns from Fed Advisory Position

The CEO of embattled banking giant Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE:WFC), sullied by a far-reaching account-opening scandal, has resigned from his post as Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s appointee to the Fed’s Federal Advisory Council. Chief ... [Read More]

These Silver Miners are Surging Following the Fed Decision

From Zacks: After much speculation on “Will it or won’t it?”, the Fed’s decision to leave interest rates unchanged earlier this week sent precious metals on a high, with silver closing 3% higher at $19.80 per ounce. Fed Stays ... [Read More]