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The Evils and Insanity of Our Time

For the first time in quite a while, the weekly IDW, which closed the week at 149.04, rose above the three-year average of 148.57. However, I believe this will prove to be little more than a head fake, so far as my IDW is concerned. I say that because I am quite convinced that we are in for one massive asset price deflation. The components of my ... [Read More]

What is Trump’s True Agenda?

William Engdahl and Michael Oliver return. Presidential candidate Trump appeared to be on the side of America’s downtrodden white middle class, offering to bring jobs back from overseas. He lambasted China, calling them foreign exchange cheaters. On ... [Read More]

Why Trump’s Already in Trouble: Steve Bannon, Rightwing Statist

In his Nov. 23 missive, David stockman made several points as to why the equity market is smoking something funny and why the economic vision being promoted by Donald Trump, which is that of Steve Bannon, will not only fail but will exacerbate ... [Read More]

Avoiding the Whipsaw

Gold has fallen around $120/oz from its Nov. 2 London PM Fix high of $1,303.75. The immediate reaction to an apparent Trump victory was an 800-point decline in stocks and about a $40 rise in the price of gold. But thanks to the Plunge Protection ... [Read More]

The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites’ Secret Plan For the Next Financial Crisis.

James Rickards and Michael Oliver are returning guests on the radio program. With the global bankers destroying capitalism in favor of an evolving global dictatorship, common folks are rebelling against their loss of liberty and freedom. At the ... [Read More]

Here’s Michael Oliver’s T-Bond “Whoosh!”

Michael Oliver’s work has been suggesting that we are on the precipice of a gigantic reversal in the Bond market. During the past week or so, the US T-Bond broke through Michael’s momentum support levels. It fell 5 4/32, or 3.16%, in one day with the ... [Read More]

Here Are The Best Infrastructure Plays For A Trump Presidency

From Tony Daltorio: Investors have already built in a lot of expectations regarding the presidency of Donald J. Trump. As with all past presidents, many will be left disappointed.In my view, however, there is one particular sector that will not ... [Read More]

UWTI And DWTI Will Be Delisted Today, Here’s What You Need To Know

Two highly popular triple leveraged oil ETPs will be delisted today, perhaps marking the beginning of the end for a whole slew of similar products that have drawn criticism from regulators. It’s the final day of trading on the NYSE ... [Read More]

How To Play The Big Natural Gas Rally With ETFs

From Zacks: Finally, winter has heated up natural gas prices, putting an end to the struggles of the commodity. Among the issues hurting the broader energy space, ample supplies and falling demand on global growth worries were primary. However, the ... [Read More]

GameStop’s Massive Dividend Might Be In Jeopardy

From Bob Ciura: High-yield dividend stocks can be very enticing. This is particularly true since interest rates remain very low. But stocks with extremely high dividend yields should be approached with caution. Sometimes, an abnormally high yield can ... [Read More]

Softbank Could Be Prepping To Buy Sprint

From Brad Hoppmann: He’s way richer than Donald Trump. In fact, he’s the richest man in Japan. I’m referring here to SoftBank Group Corp. founder and chief executive officer Masayoshi Son. The 59-year-old “Masa,” as ... [Read More]

If Trump Really Wants To Save Jobs, He’ll Block The AT&T/Time Warner Merger

Regulators are currently examining the proposed mega merger between AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) and Time Warner, but the incoming president could pose the biggest threat to the deal’s viability. As Fortune pointed out recently, Trump said during his ... [Read More]

Could We See $60 Oil By Christmas?

From Rakesh Upadyay: For the first 11 months of the year, OPEC talked oil prices up, but by December it became clear that oil prices were not going to rise higher on mere promises, and so OPEC announced a deal to cut production in their Algiers ... [Read More]

Analyst: Gold Is Going To $5,000 Per Ounce — But It’ll Crash More First

From Larry Edelson: Don’t believe everything you hear and read about gold these days. It’s just not yet prime time for the precious yellow metal. If it were — gold would have held my important cycle low point at $1,245 on October 5. ... [Read More]

End Game for the Global Economy

A A Tags Home | Feed | Blog.rssBooms and BustsMoney and BanksEnd Game for the Global EconomyBusiness CyclesMoney and Banking 0 Views This article is a transcript of the interview conducted on Mises Weekends. Jeff Deist: James, thanks a million ... [Read More]

Costco’s Q3 Profit And Revenue Come In Ahead Of Expectations

Discount warehouse operator Costco Wholesale Corporation (NASDAQ:COST) late Wednesday posted better than expected third quarter earnings results, surpassing the initial figures it release late last month. The Issaquah, WA-based company reported Q1 ... [Read More]

Lululemon Shares Surge 10% After Q3 Results, Share Buyback

Athletic apparel maker Lululemon Athletica Inc. (NASDAQ:LULU) late Wednesday posted better than expected third quarter earnings results and announced a new share buyback plan. The Vancouver-based company reported Q3 EPS of $0.50, which was $0.07 ... [Read More]

Lame-duck Congress Looking to Ban Online Gambling

A A Tags Home | Feed | Blog.rssBig GovernmentLame-duck Congress Looking to Ban Online GamblingInterventionism 0 Views With the media attention focused largely on the president-elect’s antics going on in Trump Tower, the lame duck ... [Read More]

The Auto ETF Looks Poised For A Potential Breakout

While the list of ETFs with specificity in targeting exclusively the “Auto” industry is a very short list, in fact it is only represented by one ETF at the time. The fund is still a worthwhile source of analysis in terms of gauging the ... [Read More]

S&P 500 Funds Seeing Huge Demand Ahead Of Next Week’s Fed Meeting

With the S&P 500 trading up against its resistance level of 2213 this morning, we have to point out that SPY has reeled in a stunning $6.3 billion in recent sessions. The second most popular S&P 500 tracking ETF, IVV, is also seeing huge ... [Read More]

Will a Trump Presidency Unleash Hyperinflation?

John Williams, Michael Oliver & Ivan Bebek return as this week’s guests on the radio program. Economist Williams, of “Shadow Stats” newsletter fame is known for his honest unemployment and inflation statistics that contrast sharply with U.S. ... [Read More]

Silver Will Skyrocket If It Becomes India’s New Metal Of Choice

As the Indian government cracks down on large denominated bills, and is reportedly considering measures to limit gold holdings, silver has emerged as a potential major beneficiary. First, let’s recap just how important gold is in Indian ... [Read More]

Trump: Trojan, Traitor, or Tried and True?

I risked losing my fellow anti-establishment readers in September by suggesting Trump may be an establishment Trojan horse. After seeing Trump choose Pence as VP and a Goldman Sachs exec as campaign finance manager, I was concerned the establishment ... [Read More]

India’s Economy Is Crashing After High-Denomination Cash Ban

From Tyler Durden: Amid social unrest and loss of faith in the nation’s currency, India’s economy has ground to a halt with its Composite PMI crashing by a record in the last month as demonetization strikes. However, even more ... [Read More]

Can Small Caps Continue Their Recent Surge?

From Zacks: For investors seeking momentum, iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM – Free Report) is probably on radar now. The fund just hit a 52-week high, which is up roughly 43.7% from its 52-week low price of $93.64/share.But are more gains in ... [Read More]

Oil Plunges As Inventories Rise – OPEC Deal In Jeopardy?

From Tyler Durden: Crude prices are lower this morning following API’s huge reported build at Cushing (biggest since 2008) and fears over OPEC deal realities. With expectations for a crude draw (on lower imports), DOE confirmed a bigger than ... [Read More]