On the the next radio program: "Must we have Another Cold War with Russia?" Dr. Ron Paul, Brooke MacDonald, Marin Katusa and David Jensen are guests this week.
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A “Street Smart” Equity and Gold Market Forecast

Ron Paul, Peter Grandich and David Wolfin return as guests on this week's radio program. Last week Dr. Robert McHugh explained why he thinks we are facing the mother of all equity bear markets even as precious metals will turn higher. While McHugh is armed with a strong formal education, Grandich, who has a masterful track record in detecting ... [Read More]

McHugh on Equities and Gold

It is in volatile markets like these that I feel I can’t afford to be without the work of Dr. Robert McHugh who puts market updates out almost every day. Go to technicalindicatorindex.com to sign up for this reasonably priced service. Here is what ... [Read More]

Double Bottom for Gold? Triple Bottom for Gold Shares?

So far the average price of gold this October is $1,226.44, which is rivaling the low of December 2013. The big question of course is whether these lows will hold and provide a base from which the next leg up in the price of gold is launched or ... [Read More]

Facing the Jaws of Death with Gold

Dr. Robert McHugh, Robert Guistra, David Gurwitz, David Jensen and Daniel McAdams McAdams are returning guests on this week's radio show. In “The Coming Economic Ice Age” sold in Oct. 2013, McHugh warned of an impending decline in the equity ... [Read More]

Are Our Markets Now Beyond Manipulation?

In an interview this past week with Charlie Rose, communist economist Paul Krugman described himself as a “Keynesian, Free Market Progressive.” I’m not sure if this man is a sociopath or just simply thoroughly confused. Gene Epstein has documented ... [Read More]

Why Gold Will Be Last to Rise

Only God knows how all this will play out. I could name one reason after another that provides a rational reason for being fearful. Recently I was honored to join a group of newsletter writers in the Toronto offices of Sprott Inc., where I met up ... [Read More]

Are We Now Facing the Jaws of Death?

In his book, "The Coming Economic Ice Age" published in 2013, Dr. Robert McHugh stated, "There is an economic collapse fast approaching, a calamity that will be known as the first "Great Depression" of the twenty-first century. McHugh applies a ... [Read More]


Despite untold trillions of dollars of new debt money creation, my very unscientific measure of expanding or contracting prices suggests that since the end of QE2, money printing has done little to generate price inflation, which the Fed has stated ... [Read More]

Preparing for the Worst. Hoping for the Best

John Ciampaglia of Sprott Gold Miners ETF appears for the first time on the radio program while Rick Rule, Alasdair Macleod and Daniel McAdams make return visits. David Stockman, Robert McHugh and others have predicted massive debt loads will lead ... [Read More]


Can there be any doubt that if central banks everywhere stopped printing massive amounts of money, we would enter a deflationary depression that would cause the 1930s Great Depression to seem like a beautiful Sunday afternoon walk in the park by ... [Read More]

Why a Strong Dollar is the Mortal Enemy of Gold and Oil

This post Why a Strong Dollar is the Mortal Enemy of Gold and Oil appeared first on Daily Reckoning. The United States is doing better than it has in years. Jobs growth is up, unemployment is down, our manufacturing sector carries the rest of the ... [Read More]

3 Frightening ETFs To Watch After Halloween

The Fed has finally ended its six-year long quantitative easing program assuming that the economy will not need any meaningful assistance at the current level. Not only this, the Fed also showed increased confidence in the potency of the labor ... [Read More]

Poland to German Taxpayers: Subsidize our National Defense!

Coming in Monday’s Mises Daily, Patrick Barron will explore the moral hazard that often plagues collective security organizations like NATO. Why be careful, responsible, and restrained with your own defense when you can get the taxpayers in a foreign ... [Read More]

How Solar Power Could Heat Up Your Portfolio

This post How Solar Power Could Heat Up Your Portfolio appeared first on Daily Reckoning. The fiery ball in the sky could mint you a fortune over the next 18 months… That’s because I expect solar stocks to double again over the next year-and a-half. ... [Read More]

How Long Will Beef Be This Expensive?

Chris Orr: Fun fact about the World Series: One of the players, the Kansas City Royals, are named after the famous livestock show, American Royal. It’s fitting, given that the city continues its rich history as a hub of the cattle business. And while ... [Read More]

Greenspan: Price of Gold Will Rise

Any doubts about why I own gold as an investment were dispelled last Saturday by the maestro himself: former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan. It’s not because Greenspan said he thinks the price of gold will rise – I don’t need his investment advice; it’s ... [Read More]

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT): How Fiat Money Works

This post Modern Monetary Theory (MMT): How Fiat Money Works appeared first on Daily Reckoning. [Ed. Note: There are plenty of theories out there that seek to explain the intricacies of money and its role within the economy. The problem is, "money" ... [Read More]

S&P 500 Snapshot: Another Fed-triggered “Tempest In A Teapot”

Doug Short: Another FOMC day and another (yawn) Fed-triggered “tempest in a teapot”. The S&P 500 opened higher and hit its 0.32% intraday high about 30 minutes later. The index then traded lower and spiked down at the 2PM release of the FOMC ... [Read More]

ETFs To Buy On Solid Biotech Stock Earnings

Biotech stocks and the related ETFs have been the star performers this year despite some temporary glitches and rough trading in between. Encouraging industry trends, increasing merger and acquisition activities, expansion into emerging markets and ... [Read More]

The Surprising Reason QE Lives On

This post The Surprising Reason QE Lives On appeared first on Daily Reckoning. [Ed. Note: QE3 finally ended today, and reactions have been pouring in from across the financial world. But the question we asked in today's email edition was... did it ... [Read More]

Nobel Winner Jean Tirole’s Faulty Views on Monopoly

Mises Daily Wednesday by Frank Shostak: Economics Nobel Prize winner Jean Tirole still clings to the old neoclassical model “perfect competition” and monopoly, in which there is no place for entrepreneurship, and which fails to grasp that consumers ... [Read More]

How The Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet Has Grown Since 2008

Jim Bach: Since the troughs of 2009, the main market benchmarks have grown more than 150%, while the Fed balance sheet has more than doubled. That’s no coincidence. Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke never saw a mortgage-backed ... [Read More]

Why You Need to Pay Attention to the Swiss Gold Initiative

This post Why You Need to Pay Attention to the Swiss Gold Initiative appeared first on Daily Reckoning. [Ed. Note: The Swiss could soon be responsible for sending the gold price on a tear. As we've been discussing in the Daily Reckoning email ... [Read More]

BOSTON UPDATE: Third Tsarnaev Friend Convicted For Lying to Feds

  Robel Phillipos, convicted on two counts of making false statements. (YouTube) Few have been paying attention to the “supporting actor” trials now paving the way for the main act in the prosecution of America’s largest terrorist act since 9/11, the ... [Read More]

It’s A FOMC Day! .

* Currencies are mixed today, again. * Krone takes its turn in the woodshed. * Durable Goods Orders go negative . * The Swiss Gold Referendum revisited. And Now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good Day!... And a Wonderful ... [Read More]

Regulation through taxation

One lesson from the United States’ Obamacare debacle has been that if Congress can’t get its way through regulation, it can always resort to taxes. At least that’s the Supreme Court’s view, after it declared the Affordable Care Act constitutional ... [Read More]

NJ Political Heavyweights Debate Gold Standard

During the past two weeks, James Florio, a former Democratic governor of New Jersey, and Steve Lonegan, the 2013 Republican nominee for U.S. Senate  wrote opposing op ed pieces on the gold standard for New Jersey’s leading newspaper.   That the gold ... [Read More]

My Upcoming Speech at Columbia University

Topic: Adam Smith, F.A. Hayek, Ludwig von Mises. Smith, Hayek and Mises are not only important figures in economics, but in ethics and political philosophy too. The former would have won the Nobel Prize in economics, if this award were given during ... [Read More]

Does This Look Like A Housing Recovery To You?

We just learned that the homeownership rate in the United States has fallen to the lowest level in 19 years.  But of course this is not a new trend.  As you will see in this article, the homeownership rate in the United States has been in a continual ... [Read More]