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Watch “Real” Interest Rates for a Clue

As I was driving back from a visit to my family in Ohio, one market pro was voicing concerns on Bloomberg Radio that the Fed is in danger of “falling behind the curve,” as happened in the 1970s when the inflation rate began to rise dramatically and when the price of gold shot up to a climactic $850 by January 1980 from a little over $100 in ... [Read More]

What Happens to Gold if Real U.S. Treasury Rates Rise?

Dan Oliver, Andy Hoffman, Chris Crupi, Daniel McAdams and David Jensen, are return guests on the radio program, to share their valuable insights. Gibson's Paradox says that if real interest rates decline, the gold price will rise. But will that ... [Read More]

Long Dated U.S. Treasuries, Government Debt, and Gold

A gold bug listener to my radio show sent along the charts above. The top chart plots TLT, and the bottom chart plots the price of GLD. (TLT is an ETF that tracks the market price of the 20- to 30-year U.S. Treasury, and GLD is an ETF that tracks the ... [Read More]

Gold/Silver Ratio Suggests an Impending Credit Crisis Too

One of the great insights I received from another analyst, Bob Hoye, that has been very valuable is that when the price of gold begins to rise in a serious manner against silver, it sends signals of impending credit market troubles. Such was the case ... [Read More]

Credit Warnings from Charles Nenner

In his frequent missives, which he sends out four times per week, Charles Nenner almost never talks about fundamentals impacting market prices. Rather he assumes that his cycles-based technical analysis, which factors into market activity the ... [Read More]

Can This Gold Bull Market Exceed the 2,328% gain of the 1970s?

Rick Rule, Bill Laggner, Daniel McAdams and David Jensen make a return visit on this episode of the radio program. During the 70s your host and Rick Rule witnessed a breathtaking gold bull market as the yellow metal rocketed from $35 to $850 ... [Read More]

Mises Weekends: Jeff Deist Talks Scottish Secession and the EU with Andy Duncan

Jeff Deist and Andy Duncan discuss the rise of UKIP in England, and whether it represents a real populist anti-state uprising or just rightist politics. Andy skewers the strutting political class in London, and the charade of voting Labour or ... [Read More]

The Awful Way Social Security Might Be “Saved”

In 1990, the pollsters from Gallup started asking working Americans how likely it is Social Security will be there for them when they retire. By 2010, 60% said they didn’t expect to receive a cent. It’s not quite that bad, according to the actuaries ... [Read More]

This Dividend Dog ETF Has A Lot Of Promise

David Fabian:  Recently I had a conversation with a client that related to implementing dividend ETFs in her portfolio. She is an avid reader of investment content and came across a unique fund that has several alluring qualities for income-oriented ... [Read More]

A Free Way to Turn Your Unique Skill Into Real Money

Back in early 2010, Micha Kaufman had an idea. He wanted to create a place where anyone could make money from their talents — no matter what those talents were. “Today, everyone has a talent that someone else needs,” he said in an interview with U.S. ... [Read More]

The Johnson Center at Troy University

The Johnson Center at Troy University has two Mises alums and former Fellows on the faculty: Malavika Nair and G.P. Manish. Have a look at the center’s new video: Writes Malavika Nair: “We are getting a Masters program next fall with a focus on ... [Read More]

The End of the “Gun Control” Bull Market

Just call it “peak gun”… Yes, the gun bubble is finally popping. After years of backorders, heated debates, and fears over strict new laws, the assault rifle binge is beginning to sputter… “Assault-rifle sales stopped in their tracks,” Jim Hornsby, ... [Read More]

Eurozone Greases The QE Tracks!

* Dollar selling stops, but ranges are tight. * Eurozone inflation falls again!. * Swiss cross to euro is under pressure * U.K. Consumer sentiment rises. And Now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good Day! . And a Happy Friday to one and ... [Read More]

How US helped ISIS, end to after-hours emails, how Reagan launched mass spying—and more headlines

• US decision to disband Iraqi army helped give ISIS its leadership and skills (New York Times) • Judge may order Abu Ghraib prison abuse photos trove released  (Reuters) • Open internet advocate campaign buoyed by NY Times endorsement (Gigaom) • ... [Read More]

Pump And Dump VC Style: Kleiner Perkins’ Gambit To Shear The IPO Sheep

That was quick! Last November Snapchat was valued at $2 billion in the private VC market; by Q1 that had risen to $7 billion; and yesterday it soared to $10 billion. Gaining $8 billion in market value in just nine months is quite a feat under any ... [Read More]

Growth ETFs To Buy On Large Cap Surge

After rough trading over the past few months, the U.S. stock market is once again at its record high with the S&P 500 breaking the major 2,000 threshold and Dow Jones above 17,100. The rally was sparked off by a flurry of solid economic data, ... [Read More]

The Currency that is Winning the “Race to the Bottom”

 “Printing dollars at home means higher inflation in China, higher food prices in Egypt and stock bubbles in Brazil. Printing money means that U.S. debt is devalued so foreign creditors get paid back in cheaper dollars. The devaluation means higher ... [Read More]

Q2 GDP Rises To 4.2% In The Second Estimate

Doug Short: The Second Estimate for Q2 GDP, to one decimal, came in at 4.2 percent, an upward revision from the Advance Estimate of 4.0 percent. The GDP deflator used to calculate real (inflation-adjusted) GDP rose to 2.2 percent, an upward revision ... [Read More]

Curious Car Crashes: Louis Freeh, The Man With The Secrets

Freeh’s Wrecked Vehicle. Courtesy WFFF/WVNY Any serious student of history is on alert for “interesting accidents.” Because sometimes they are accidents. Sometimes, they’re not. We have no opinion at the moment on the one-car wreck that left former ... [Read More]

Hoppe on Entrepreneurs and Thornton on the Drug War in The Free Market

 The August Issue of The Free Market Is Now Online! Hans-Hermann Hoppe is back with a new lecture on the social virtues of the entrepreneur this month: What can be unambiguously stated about a capitalist’s profit or loss is this: his profit or loss ... [Read More]

Aussie CAPEX Shoots Higher!

*  Dollar is soft again this morning. *  Euro plays game of back & forth around 1.32. *  Canada's Current Account Deficit to narrow? *  A British tweet gets them in hot water. And Now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good Day! .  ... [Read More]

Geopolitical Problems Persist!

August 27, 2014 *  Kiwi recovers on Fonterra news. *  Schaeuble tries to smooth Draghi's comments. *  Dollar's all-out assault on currencies is fumbled. *  Citigroup likes loonies & pesos near-term. And Now. Today's A Pfennig For Your ... [Read More]

Why “Fair-Weather Investing” is a Winning Strategy

There’s a buzz around the town of Baltimore and an investment story therein. No, I’m not talking about the upcoming state fair… the start of football season… or even the “buzz” of the Navy’s Blue Angels flight squad coming to town for the celebration ... [Read More]

Why Journalist’s “Staged” Beheading Matters

  Screenshot of James Foley execution video James Foley’s beheading made him into something no journalist wants to be: a part of the story. Not only has his murder by ISIS terrorists made him part of the story, it has made the freelancer for ... [Read More]