On the the next radio program: "The Next Great Bear Market Has Begun!" Dr. Robert McHugh and J. Michael Oliver are this week's guest.
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The Gods of Money: Wall Street & the Death of the American Century

Unbought historian F. William Engdahl visits the radio program for the first time and Brooke MacDonald of Cornerstone Capital returns for an update and Michael Oliver weighs in on the markets. Most intellectuals are owned by the CFR or related elitist think tanks that richly reward scholars in exchange for propaganda used to brainwash the masses ... [Read More]

A Look at the Fundamentals

First I would like to update you on the latest readings for my IDW. As you can see, it is definitely rolling over now. But more importantly, it is the items within the IDW that are causing me the greatest concern. The items that are rolling over are ... [Read More]

Are We Nearing the End of Keynesian Lies & Bubbles?

The warnings that came from Dr. Robert McHugh’s missive this past Wednesday are downright frightening. For those of you who know of Dr. McHugh’s work or have read his book titled, The Coming Economic Ice Age, you know that Dr. McHugh is warning not ... [Read More]

Top Factors Undermining Any Oil Price Recovery

Alexis Arthur: Global oil prices have returned to a state of flux. This is hardly news to any who follow the oil markets closely and yet prices continue to drive international headlines. While oil prices are notoriously difficult to predict, it has ... [Read More]

Two Little Headlines and the End of Health Care

This post Two Little Headlines and the End of Health Care appeared first on Daily Reckoning. CNBC spit out the following two headlines moments after the close yesterday. They appeared as alerts on your editor’s iPad like so… “$1 of Every $5 Spent in ... [Read More]

The Ferguson Report. Part 1: Breathing While Black, and Other Offenses

Photo Credits: Steven Melkisethian/Flickr               The shooting of Michael Brown sparked protests and rallies in Ferguson and beyond, including this one hosted by the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition in Silver Spring, Maryland. It has ... [Read More]

All eyes on the Fed

* Consumer confidence sinks * Commodity currencies rallied * Brazil's outlook downgraded * In a holding pattern And now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good day. And welcome to Wednesday morning. We don't have much longer to wait until ... [Read More]

Jon Stewart’s White House Link, Trumping Trump On Immigration & Killer Robots: July 28, 2015

NOW LIVE ON WhoWhatWhy New Study Trumps Trump: Shocking Decline in Mexican Immigration By Russ Baker Donald Trump is the leading Republican candidate, largely because of his tough talk over Mexican immigration. There’s just one problem: a new report ... [Read More]

Help WhoWhatWhy grow

WWW is growing–but most people have still not heard of us. Want to help spread the word? VOLUNTEER.  Join WWW as a social media specialist.The post Help WhoWhatWhy grow appeared first on WhoWhatWhy. ... [Read More]

Why The Next Great Stock Market Crash In The U.S. Is Coming

What I am about to share with you is quite stunning.  A well-respected financial expert that correctly predicted the last two stock market crashes is now warning that we are right on the verge of the next one.  John Hussman is a former professor of ... [Read More]

Hillary Saves Capitalism!

This post Hillary Saves Capitalism! appeared first on Daily Reckoning. VANCOUVER, Canada – What would the world do without well-intentioned, earnest, and intelligent public servants like Hillary Clinton? We don’t know. But we’d like to find ... [Read More]

ETF Deathwatch For July 2015: Old Age Is Not A Free Pass

Ron Rowland: The ETF Deathwatch membership roll increases by three this month, as nine new names join the list and six leave.  The total quantity now stands at 326, consisting of 226 ETFs and 100 ETNs.  This equates to 18.7% of all exchange traded ... [Read More]

Don’t Count Out Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) Stock Just Yet

Andrea Pettis:   Looking for cheap stock in a company that’s down but not necessarily out? You might want to take a close look at Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT), which took a beating last week after it reported steep drops in second-quarter revenue and ... [Read More]

Business-Cycle Theory in the United States, 1860–1900

BooksJuly 28, 2015Business CyclesPaul BarnettBusiness-Cycle Theory in the United States, 1860–1900A detailed examination of the theories of booms, crises, depressions, and business cycles as written by authors in the United States during the period ... [Read More]

The Gods of Money: Wall Street & the Death of the American Century

Jay introduces the sponsors and guests for the day, explains what the show is about and speaks with Michael Oliver about metals and markets. H. Brooke Macdonald, Director, Pres. and CEO, and Yvan Crepeau, chief geologist of Cornerstone Capital ... [Read More]

Does “Creative Destruction” Include the State?

This post Does “Creative Destruction” Include the State? appeared first on Daily Reckoning. When do we get to exercise democracy and fire every factotum, apparatchik, toady and lackey in the state who has abused his/her authority? Everyone lauds ... [Read More]

Here’s How to Avoid the Newest Chinese Torture…

This post Here’s How to Avoid the Newest Chinese Torture… appeared first on Daily Reckoning. The Chinese are implementing a new form of torture… And it’s brutal. Forget the old Chinese water torture. This is worse. Here’s how it works: First, your ... [Read More]

New Study Trumps Trump: Shocking Decline in Mexican Immigration

Photo credit: Michael L. Dorn / Flickr A new study shows that Donald Trump’s shrillest talking point—a key source of anger and a political motivator of many Americans–is flat out wrong.That brown horde of unsavory characters pouring across the border ... [Read More]

Wall Street Still Didn’t Get The Memo—–China’s Done, Tops In!

Bubblevision’s Scott Wapner nearly split a neck vessel today denouncing the US stock market sell-off. It was completely unwarranted, he thundered, because China don’t have nothin’ to do with anything. Why, insisted CNBC’s best dressed pom-pom ... [Read More]

Wandering around.

* Durable goods rise * Capital orders fall * Euro has a decent day * UK growth continues And now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good day. And welcome to Tuesday morning. Yesterday brought us a recovery in most of the currencies but ... [Read More]

Iran’s Business Plan, Obama’s Turkish Bargain & Oil Crashes: July 27, 2015

NOW LIVE ON WhoWhatWhy Ten Indications Iran Wants Business Not Bombs By Charles Glass Longtime Middle East correspondent Charles Glass offers his droll, insightful, and entertaining personal take on the much-debated threat presented by Iran. He sees ... [Read More]