On the the next radio program: "Foreign & Economic Policy Under Trump?" Jean Lafleur, Michael Oliver, Jeff Deist and Michael Oliver are guests.
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Are Stocks In Their Terminal Melt-Up Phase?

On this week’s episode of the radio program, Peter Grandich, Amir Adnani and Michael Oliver Return.   Peter Grandich, AKA “The former Wall St. whiz kid,” returns to tell us why he thinks the U.S. equity markets are in their terminal “melt up” stage. He will also share his thoughts on what you should do to protect yourself against the ... [Read More]

Just Five Charts: From “Hope” To “Nope”

... [Read More]

Comparing the 1930s and Today

Peter Tallman and Michael Oliver return as guests on this week’s radio program. Generals commonly fight a war only to find out that as times change applying past strategies result in disaster. In the U.S. financial, “generals” at the Fed and ... [Read More]

SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust On Pace For A 35% Gain Since Trump’s Election

From Moby Waller: We’ve had a big 10% gain in the S&P 500 ETF (SPY) since Donald Trump shocked the world and won the U.S. presidential election. The market is on pace for a 35% annualized gain since Nov. 9. This may cause you some concern: Are we ... [Read More]

Gold Miners’ Weakness Could Be Signaling A Downturn In Gold Coming

From Jordan Roy-Byrne: The early stages of Gold bull markets (this one included) are characterized by strong outperformance from the miners. They will lead the metals and turning points and register strong outperformance. We saw that in the early ... [Read More]

Here’s What Kept Oil Prices Low This Week

From Evan Kelly: Oil prices gained some ground this week on the drawdown in gasoline stocks in the U.S., which the markets interpreted as a sign that the glut could be easing. However, on Friday, oil prices fell back a bit on concerns that there is ... [Read More]

Gold Is Still 8% Away From Establishing A New Bull Market

From Taki Tsaklanos: Gold closed the week with a gain of 1.55 percent. The price of gold rose from $1125 at year-end to $1258 Friday, a rally of 11 percent in 7 weeks. Gold remains in a long term bear market but is only 8 percent away from turning a ... [Read More]

Indian Stock Market On The Cusp Of A Major Breakout

From Dana Lyons: The Indian stock market is forming a potentially long-term bullish chart pattern. The Indian stock market has been an interesting, and potentially profitable, one to track technically over the past few years. Three years ago, in ... [Read More]

Week in Review: February 25, 2017

By: Mises InstitutePresident’s Day was this week, and there was no better way to celebrate than making the case for abolishing the position. As Ryan McMaken noted, history has vindicated the fears of the Anti-Federalists that were concerned that the ... [Read More]

When Government Acts, Unintended Consequences Follow

By: Jp CortezIn 1850, French economist Frédéric Bastiat published an essay that is misunderstood, or more often, unread, titled, “That Which is Seen, and That Which is Not Seen.” Bastiat brilliantly illustrated, through the parable of the broken ... [Read More]

Ultra Bullish Options Bets Rolling In On Euro Zone ETFs

In what has not been the most eventful week in terms of ETF/Index options trading, we have noticed some interesting options flows in the Eurozone segment via two ETFs. First off, in the fifth largest “Europe Equity” ETF in the U.S. listed landscape, ... [Read More]

Both High And Low Beta S&P 500 Funds See Major Outflows

Analyst Paul Weisbruch of Street One Financial brings us his daily fund flows update, which today focuses on outflows from several S&P 500 linked funds, along with relentless upside options activity for financials. Recent inflows into SPY have turned ... [Read More]

Trump to States with Recreational Pot: Drop Dead

By: Ryan McMakenIn the days following the 2016 election, there were already worrying signs that the Trump administration didn't merely view the War on Drugs as a useful source of rhetoric to please some Conservatives. With the appointment of Jeff ... [Read More]

Trump's Spokesman Says “Greater Enforcement” of Drug Laws Is Likely

By: Ryan McMakenIn the days following the 2016 election, there were already worrying signs that the Trump administration didn't merely view the War on Drugs as a useful source of rhetoric to please some Conservatives. With the appointment of Jeff ... [Read More]

Kevin Gutzman: Thomas Jefferson—Revolutionary

By: Kevin R. C. Gutzman, Jeff DeistDr. Kevin Gutzman is a history professor at Western Connecticut State University, a New York Times best-selling author, and one of the leading Constitutional scholars in the country today. He and Jeff talk about his ... [Read More]

Warren Buffett’s Favorite Indicator Says The S&P 500 Is Extremely Overvalued

From Simon Black: This is really starting to get out of control. No doubt you’re familiar with the S&P 500, the stock index that measures the performance of the largest US companies. And as we’ve discussed before, one of the most important benchmarks ... [Read More]

Mnuchin Needs To Get The Memo!

* Dollar selling is stronger this morning.. * Trump helps weaken the dollar. * Mnuchin sends Gold higher! * All aboard the rally train today.. .. ******************************************** And now. Today's A Pfennig For Your ... [Read More]

Bitcoin Is Surging Amid Chatter Of Winklevoss ETF Approval

While the implied odds of the SEC approving the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust ETF (NASDAQ:COIN) aren’t very good, rumors are making the rounds that regulators will indeed give the OK to the unique fund next month. This chatter has helped put Bitcoin ... [Read More]

Real Estate ETFs Could Be Vulnerable As Luxury Market Collapses

From Tyler Durden: Not all is well in the luxury segment of the US housing market, manifested best through Manhattan’s luxury condo segment, where as reported here over the last few months, there has been a sharp deterioration. A quick sampling of ... [Read More]

European ETF Valuations Look Much More Attractive Than U.S. Counterparts

From Zacks: European stocks are rallying this year as the economy is gaining strength and earnings have rebounded. In 2016, Eurozone’s GDP rose at a faster pace than the US, for the first time since 2008. Other important economic indicators also ... [Read More]

U.S. Oil Refiners Slash Production As Gasoline Inventories Hit 27-Year High

From Nick Cunningham: In a sign that the gasoline glut is not going away, U.S. refiners are succumbing to poor market conditions, reluctantly moving to cut back on production as they drown in oversupply. The gasoline glut is the worst in nearly three ... [Read More]

The Steel ETF Failed To Break Resistance And Could Face A Major Reversal

From Taki Tsaklanos: Steel stocks has a big down day on Thursday, with the SLX ETF, representing steel stocks, losing almost 4% of its value — and the losses are continuing this morning as well. The daily chart shows the impressive rally since early ... [Read More]

BlackRock: Emerging Market Bond Rally Is Overdone

From BlackRock: Jeff Rosenberg takes down his recommendation on emerging market (EM) debt to “neutral” after this year’s big rally. He also explains why he thinks underperforming agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS) deserve a fresh look. The ... [Read More]