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Markets May Now Be Facing a Tectonic Shift

Today, I have labeled my Inflation-Deflation chart differently. I am calling it my Risk On, Risk Off Watch (IDW) because that is a more accurate description than an inflation-deflation measure. Monetary inflation and deflation accurately defined by the Austrian school of economics is simply a change in the money supply. By that definition, my IDW ... [Read More]

Foreign Policy Week in Review With Daniel McAdams

* Daniel discusses evidence US government is engaged in seeking to overthrow the Armenian government. * U.S. Secretary of Defense encouraging Germany to build up its military to stand against Russia. * Ron Paul wonders if the seizure of Russian ... [Read More]

Frank Holmes discusses Jets, BRICS AND Gold

Frank Holmes and Michael Oliver are returning guests on this week's radio program . Long time gold mining fund manager Frank Holmes updates us on his views on the gold mining industry as well as for the airline industry for which he created a new ... [Read More]

Greek Crisis: What’s Behind the Euro Strength

This post Greek Crisis: What’s Behind the Euro Strength appeared first on Daily Reckoning. In case you missed it, I spoke with Bloomberg today to discuss the euro, the Greek crisis, the markets, and where we go from here. To watch watch the clip, ... [Read More]

Dallas Fed Manufacturing Outlook Rose But Remains In Negative Territory

Doug Short: We have added the Dallas Fed Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey (TMOS) focusing on the General Business Conditions Index to our series of regional Fed updates. This indicator measures manufacturing activity in Texas. Here is an excerpt ... [Read More]

The euro crisis

Make no mistake; the Greek crisis is a euro crisis that threatens the solvency of the ECB itself, and therefore confidence in the currency. Before going into why, a few comments on Greece will set the scene. Last weekend it became clear that ... [Read More]

Keeping Dark Money in the Shadows

Congress recently passed a new bill that will ensure that “dark money” in elections will remain shrouded in secrecy. With the Supreme Court knocking down regulations with a wrecking ball, the FEC out of commission, and an election heating up that ... [Read More]

A Very Busy Week Ahead!

* No extension for Greece . * Greek banks shut down. * Capital Controls are implemented.. * China cuts interest & Reserve Ratio rates. And now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good day. And a Marvelous Monday to you! Well, it was a ... [Read More]

Paid Not to Drill? Not So Fast

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa has worked very hard to cultivate an international public image as defender of the rainforest. But several local civil society and environmental organizations beg to differ. Photo Credit: Cancillería del Ecuador / ... [Read More]

Message To Merkel: Shut-Up Und Setzen Sie Sich!

Angela Merkel may be a hero to some conservatives because she has stood up for fiscal rectitude and resisted the G-7’s relentless importuning to betray Germany’s taxpayers and join the “stimulus” brigade. But that’s as far as it goes. The truth of ... [Read More]

These Five Metals Could Be Calling Your Name

Resource expert Rick Rule likes to say that when it comes to investing in natural resources, “you’re either a contrarian or a victim.” Because of the cyclical nature of the sector, you have to be a contrarian and speculate if you want to make money. ... [Read More]

Dr. Marc Faber on Precious Metal and Asset Allocation

This post Dr. Marc Faber on Precious Metal and Asset Allocation appeared first on Daily Reckoning. I spoke with Dr. Marc Faber about his strategies for protecting and growing wealth in the coming years, and beyond. In the webinar, some of the topics ... [Read More]

Whiskey and Silver

This post Whiskey and Silver appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Now this is energy efficiency: Scotland might one day run its power grid using the waste from whiskey-making. The Scottish newspaper The National informs us a firm called Celtic ... [Read More]

To Die and Let Live

This post To Die and Let Live appeared first on Daily Reckoning. American civilization has become much more civilized during the last hundred years. In the process, ironically, it has become much more savage toward capitalism and free enterprise. One ... [Read More]

Ex-CIA Official: End of Cold War Sparked Spy’s Paradise

The US used a not-so-secret “spying den” perched atop its embassy in Paris to spy on the activities of three French presidents. Photo credits: Remi Jouan / Wikimedia / MEDEF / Wikimedia / kyro / Wikimedia Once you’ve beat ‘em, join ‘em!NATO allies ... [Read More]

The Way Out of Depression

This post The Way Out of Depression appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Technology. Innovation. Debt. And currency crises. We continue our recent theme. Having dwelled on it for so long, like a teenaged girl with a new Taylor Swift song stuck in her ... [Read More]

Moore’s Law Is Dead

This post Moore’s Law Is Dead appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Do you like your iPhone? Today, you are walking with the equivalent of what was supercomputer not too long ago — in your pocket. The foundation for the modern semiconductor industry got ... [Read More]

Same Sex Legal in Every State!

"A message to all ACLU supporters - ACLU client Jim Obergefell is elated. He's the lead plaintiff in Obergefell v. Hodges — the Supreme Court case that has resulted in the freedom to marry nationwide." - June 26, 2015 Extraordinary news.  Same sex ... [Read More]

Collapse, Part 5: Things Fall Apart

This post Collapse, Part 5: Things Fall Apart appeared first on Daily Reckoning. As noted earlier in this series, collapse is not an event, it’s a process, a process we experience as things fall apart (this essay is part five of a series — if you ... [Read More]

RadioWhoWhatWhy: Push-Button Warfare

As cyber-warfare becomes more and more common, the jobs of US military members are changing accordingly. Photo credit: Wikimedia Foundation From setting the thermostat in our homes to the collection of intelligence on international allies; from the ... [Read More]

Surprising Facts About Who Threatens Our Safety the Most—Recommended Reading

With guns so easy to purchase at superstores like Walmart, it’s no wonder there’s so much gun violence in the US. In the wake of the Charleston shootings, WhoWhatWhy Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker recently weighed in with a self-styled “rant” about ... [Read More]