On the the next radio program: "The Next Great Bear Market Has Begun!" Dr. Robert McHugh and J. Michael Oliver are this week's guest.
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The Gods of Money: Wall Street & the Death of the American Century

Unbought historian F. William Engdahl visits the radio program for the first time and Brooke MacDonald of Cornerstone Capital returns for an update and Michael Oliver weighs in on the markets. Most intellectuals are owned by the CFR or related elitist think tanks that richly reward scholars in exchange for propaganda used to brainwash the masses ... [Read More]

A Look at the Fundamentals

First I would like to update you on the latest readings for my IDW. As you can see, it is definitely rolling over now. But more importantly, it is the items within the IDW that are causing me the greatest concern. The items that are rolling over are ... [Read More]

Are We Nearing the End of Keynesian Lies & Bubbles?

The warnings that came from Dr. Robert McHugh’s missive this past Wednesday are downright frightening. For those of you who know of Dr. McHugh’s work or have read his book titled, The Coming Economic Ice Age, you know that Dr. McHugh is warning not ... [Read More]

Transports are Bottoming– Here’s How to Trade the Next Move Higher

This post Transports are Bottoming– Here’s How to Trade the Next Move Higher appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Rock. Bottom. No, I’m not referring to your love life. I’m talking about transportation stocks… These suckers have dragged down the entire ... [Read More]

Part 1. The Fed’s Bathtub Economics Brigade Blathers On

In case you are wondering what the meaning of “some” is—-don’t bother. It’s just the same old Fed ritual incantation, chanted in 2/2 “cut time”. That means there are only two beats to each of its monthly meeting measures—–employment and ... [Read More]

Rate talk takes over.

* GDP rises 2.3% * Consumer spending on the rise * Dollar jumps higher * Russia cuts rates And now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good day. And welcome not only to Friday morning but also the last day of July. The past couple of days ... [Read More]

Drudge Fuels Bernie, Hillary Fades & Dollars From Drones: July 30, 2015

NOW LIVE ON WhoWhatWhy How Matt Drudge Is Fueling the Bernie Surge By Jon Hecht Why are socialist Bernie Sanders and Uber-Conservative Matt Drudge going steady? Political machinations do certainly make for strange bedfellows. WHO Hillary Tumbles A ... [Read More]

The Euro Isn’t Dead

This post The Euro Isn’t Dead appeared first on Daily Reckoning. While the world can count dozens of important currencies, when it comes to top line financial and investment discussions, the currency marketplace really comes down to a one-on-one cage ... [Read More]

PODCAST: Trump’s Dead Wrong About Immigration

Photo credit: UTSA Today If you listen to all the noise emanating from the campaign trail, you’d think that Mexicans were pouring across the border in droves. They are not. Mexican migration has decreased by more than half since the early to ... [Read More]

How Matt Drudge Is Fueling the Bernie Surge

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr In giant black letters, under an unflattering close-up of a wrinkly, aged-looking Hillary Clinton, appears the headline:“Sanders ‘Real Threat’ to Hillary” “Will Biden Run?”The words were amazing enough, but where ... [Read More]

Focus shifts to GDP.

* Another housing report lags * Nothing new from the Fed * Dollar gains in late trading * European data And now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good day. And welcome to Thursday morning. As far as the data that everyone was wanting to ... [Read More]

The 2015 Untrustworthies Report——Why Social Security Could Be Bankrupt In 12 Years

The so-called “trustees” of the social security system issued their annual report last week and the stenographers of the financial press dutifully reported that the day of reckoning when the trust funds run dry has been put off another year—-until ... [Read More]

Where Has All the Gold Gone? | Bix Weir

Why in the world is Germany unable to get back their physical gold, and why did the US Mint halt production of Silver Eagles, yet the paper price of Gold and Silver are plunging to 5-year lows? Are the laws of supply and demand being overruled? Are ... [Read More]

The South American Financial Crisis Of 2015

Most nations in South America are either already experiencing an economic recession or are right on the verge of one.  In general, South American economies are very heavily dependent on exports, and right now they are being absolutely shredded by the ... [Read More]

Material ETFs In Focus On Dow Chemical, DuPont Earnings

Sweta Killa: With the Q2 earnings season on high gear, almost all sectors save retail are seeing busy trading sessions. One that needs special mention is materials which has been garnering enough investors’ interest especially after Dow Chemical ... [Read More]

Some Overseas Markets May Prove More Resilient

Though global markets sold off last week and have continued to slip in recent days, stocks in Europe and Japan are still faring better than their U.S. counterparts, reinforcing my views of these other developed markets. As I write in my new weekly ... [Read More]

Top Factors Undermining Any Oil Price Recovery

Alexis Arthur: Global oil prices have returned to a state of flux. This is hardly news to any who follow the oil markets closely and yet prices continue to drive international headlines. While oil prices are notoriously difficult to predict, it has ... [Read More]

Two Little Headlines and the End of Health Care

This post Two Little Headlines and the End of Health Care appeared first on Daily Reckoning. CNBC spit out the following two headlines moments after the close yesterday. They appeared as alerts on your editor’s iPad like so… “$1 of Every $5 Spent in ... [Read More]

Why Everyone Is Wrong About Low Interest Rates

This post Why Everyone Is Wrong About Low Interest Rates appeared first on Daily Reckoning. VANCOUVER, Canada – Hillary is taking the bull by the horns… and putting the knife between her teeth. She is a “take-charge” candidate and aims to let us ... [Read More]

The Ferguson Report. Part 1: Breathing While Black, and Other Offenses

Photo Credits: Steven Melkisethian/Flickr               The shooting of Michael Brown sparked protests and rallies in Ferguson and beyond, including this one hosted by the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition in Silver Spring, Maryland. It has ... [Read More]

All eyes on the Fed

* Consumer confidence sinks * Commodity currencies rallied * Brazil's outlook downgraded * In a holding pattern And now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good day. And welcome to Wednesday morning. We don't have much longer to wait until ... [Read More]

Jon Stewart’s White House Link, Trumping Trump On Immigration & Killer Robots: July 28, 2015

NOW LIVE ON WhoWhatWhy New Study Trumps Trump: Shocking Decline in Mexican Immigration By Russ Baker Donald Trump is the leading Republican candidate, largely because of his tough talk over Mexican immigration. There’s just one problem: a new report ... [Read More]