On the the next radio program: "Lessons for Today from the Ford Motor Company" Chris Whalen, Jim Payne and Michael Oliver are guests.
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Sticking to the Basics

Policymakers constantly play a kind of Three-Card Monte on the public. The Fed for example picks and chooses which statistics to tell the public it uses to make money printing decisions, but no one really knows what it is basing its decision on, because it operates in total secret. Working in concert with the Fed, the Treasury also plays a kind of ... [Read More]

Why You Can Bet Against Rising Interest Rates

John Rubino, Patrick Cruickshank and Michael Oliver return. Brien Lundin appears on Top Stock Picks at JayTaylorMedia.com. John explains why U.S. Treasury rates “can’t” surge higher, even though foreigners are dishoarding U.S. Treasuries, as the ... [Read More]

Gold Breakthrough!

Gold – London PM Fix (Average Monthly Gold Price Based on London P.M. Fix)   It’s barely discernible but for the first time since the end of January 2013, the monthly average gold price has as of the end of this week exceeded both ... [Read More]

Using Gold as Money for Gains

Darrell MacMullin & Jean Lafleur return as guests on this week’s episode of the radio program. Darrell will explain how you can profit by using gold as money via GoldMoney’s patented products. Jean, who heads up one the largest undeveloped ... [Read More]

Dow Jones Industrial Average Stumbles As Trump’s Tax Plan Details Emerge

The U.S. markets took a breather on Wednesday, following two massive up days drive by tax reform hopes. Market Technician Dave Chojnacki of Street One Financial examines the sideways action and updates the crucial technical levels to focus on as the ... [Read More]

These Six Stocks Are Leading The Dow Jones Industrial Average Higher

From Corey Rosenbloom: With the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) breaking to new all-time highs, let’s take a look at the six surging stocks in the Dow Jones: Our principle is that stocks which are strong tend to get stronger. That’s why we ... [Read More]

Oil Fails To Hold Gains After Higher Than Expected Draw

From Matt Smith: In today’s game of rock-paper-scissors from the weekly EIA inventory report, crude inputs were propelled higher (like a rock), blunting the impact of super-strong imports (the scissors). On paper, the crude draw is bullish, but a ... [Read More]

Here’s What Trump’s Tax Reforms Could Mean For The Economy, Markets

From Mike Burnick: Tax reform is back in focus as the Trump presidency closes in on the 100-day mark and the administration searches for legislative accomplishments. But clarity on a tax-reform plan seems fleeting. And I don’t have to tell you that ... [Read More]

Here’s What A Weaker Dollar Means For U.S. Stocks

From Bryce Coward, CFA: Since the beginning of 2017, the US dollar has struggled against nearly every major currency, calling into question the idea that the US dollar is still in a bull market. Indeed, since the dollar made its cyclical high on the ... [Read More]

Here’s Why The Gold Miners ETF Could Plunge Another 25%

From Taki Tsaklanos: Gold has lost 1.5 pct since the close last week. The French election outcome supported risk assets, and traditional safe havens like gold, Treasuries and the Yen got sold. InvestingHaven’s research team forecasted that both gold ... [Read More]

VIX Drops Most In History Following French Election Result

From Dana Lyons: Stock volatility expectations dropped by a record amount following the French election – in both the U.S. and in Europe. As with prior geopolitical events over the past 12 months, equity volatility expectations really ramped up prior ... [Read More]

Herbert Spencer Explains the Difference Between Politics and Private Enterprise

By: Gary GallesApril 27 marks the birthday of Herbert Spencer, which is worth noting in several respects. He was a polymath who made important contributions in many areas, including political theory and philosophy. He achieved greater widespread ... [Read More]

Gary Cohn for Fed Chair?

By: C.Jay EngelPaul-Martin Foss has put together a great overview of possible Fed appointees should Trump replace Yellen upon expiration of her term as Fed Chair. One individual who has come to the surface since Foss' article is former Goldman Sachs ... [Read More]

Savvy Biblical Investment Ideas

Savvy Biblical Investment Ideas Peter Grandich, Ralph Fitch and Michael Oliver are returning guests on the radio program. Conventional wisdom in the western world these days is that the bible is a book of fairy tales with little value for ... [Read More]

Savvy Biblical Investment Ideas

Jay introduces the program, gives updates on sponsors and talks about “Top Picks” at Jay Taylor Media and Michael Oliver updates gold and markets. Ralph Fitch, CEO of Trimetals Mining reports on efforts to improve the economics of the company’s ... [Read More]

Should Investors Be Worried About Market Breadth Divergence?

From Chris Ciovacco: Market breadth speaks to the number of stocks participating in an advance. Strong market breadth means a high percentage of stocks are making new highs as the major indexes make new highs. Strong breadth also aligns with ... [Read More]

A Deeper Look At The ETF Options In The Agriculture Space

The April showers in the Northeast U.S. where we are located have us thinking about the summer growing season and the fall harvest in terms of Agricultural ETPs. We typically cover specific Agricultural ETPs in this piece from time to time if there ... [Read More]

Big Money Is Leaving SPY And Piling Into IWM

Analyst Paul Weisbruch of Street One Financial brings us his daily fund flows report, which today focuses on outflows from large caps and into small caps, along with outflows from a couple of popular gold miner funds. Someone has been pulling the ... [Read More]

Canada Appears To Be Trump’s Next Trade Wars Target

From Mike Burnick: On his very first day in the Oval Office, President Trump made good on his campaign promise to rip up unfavorable trade deals, as my friend and colleague Larry Edelson previously noted. China has long been a favorite target of ... [Read More]

The Return Of The Big Dog?.

In This Issue. * Euro and "euro-lites" rally. * Rubles continue to really.. * Oil remains below $50. * Ever heard of a Kondratieff Wave?. And now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good day. And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! Well, we ... [Read More]

[Video] The Mysterious Reason For The Current Gold Price

  “I’d rather be a year or two early, than a day late.” — Mike Maloney In this video, Mike explains that gold has been manipulated for so long, it could catapult up in price when the wheels ... [Read More]

China Stocks Plunge As Regulators Crack Down On Leverage

From Tyler Durden: The Chinese and U.S. stock markets are going in opposite directions, as an intensifying crackdown against leverage has slammed the recently ‘stable’ Shanghai Composite over the past week, erasing all post-Trump gains. The ... [Read More]

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Climbs Within Striking Distance Of All-Time Highs

U.S. equities surged for a second straight day on Tuesday, amid President Trump’s promises for corporate tax reform. Technical analyst Dave Chojnacki of Street One Financial examines the big bounce and updates the critical technical levels to focus ... [Read More]

Gold Miners Are Taking A Big Hit As Global Equities Surge

From Zacks: Gold mining stocks and ETFs declined almost universally on Tuesday. Some companies have seen major drops based on recently-reported earnings, but overall, the gold sector is down as a whole amid new European Union optimism. The results of ... [Read More]