On the the next radio program: "A “Street Smart” Equity and Gold Market Forecast" Ron Paul, Peter Grandich and David Wolfin, of Avino Silver & Gold Mines are guests the week.
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Facing the Jaws of Death with Gold

Dr. Robert McHugh, Robert Guistra, David Gurwitz, David Jensen and Daniel McAdams McAdams are returning guests on this week's radio show. In “The Coming Economic Ice Age” sold in Oct. 2013, McHugh warned of an impending decline in the equity markets based in part on a very major megaphone chart formation in the Dow & S&P. Such formations ... [Read More]

Are Our Markets Now Beyond Manipulation?

In an interview this past week with Charlie Rose, communist economist Paul Krugman described himself as a “Keynesian, Free Market Progressive.” I’m not sure if this man is a sociopath or just simply thoroughly confused. Gene Epstein has documented ... [Read More]

Why Gold Will Be Last to Rise

Only God knows how all this will play out. I could name one reason after another that provides a rational reason for being fearful. Recently I was honored to join a group of newsletter writers in the Toronto offices of Sprott Inc., where I met up ... [Read More]

Are We Now Facing the Jaws of Death?

In his book, "The Coming Economic Ice Age" published in 2013, Dr. Robert McHugh stated, "There is an economic collapse fast approaching, a calamity that will be known as the first "Great Depression" of the twenty-first century. McHugh applies a ... [Read More]


Despite untold trillions of dollars of new debt money creation, my very unscientific measure of expanding or contracting prices suggests that since the end of QE2, money printing has done little to generate price inflation, which the Fed has stated ... [Read More]

Preparing for the Worst. Hoping for the Best

John Ciampaglia of Sprott Gold Miners ETF appears for the first time on the radio program while Rick Rule, Alasdair Macleod and Daniel McAdams make return visits. David Stockman, Robert McHugh and others have predicted massive debt loads will lead ... [Read More]


Can there be any doubt that if central banks everywhere stopped printing massive amounts of money, we would enter a deflationary depression that would cause the 1930s Great Depression to seem like a beautiful Sunday afternoon walk in the park by ... [Read More]

Looking for Introductory Materials on Austrian Business Cycle Theory?

Michael Pollaro, Mark Thornton, and I went looking for some good introductory materials to help newcomers understand Austrian Business Cycle Theory. Pollaro posted this helpful article over at Forbes, noting: Indeed, we would say that without ABCT ... [Read More]

Keeping the Economy Alive with QE and Cheap Credit

This post Keeping the Economy Alive with QE and Cheap Credit appeared first on Daily Reckoning. I think it’s very useful to think of the global economy as a big raft, but instead of being inflated with air, this raft is being inflated with credit. ... [Read More]

Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN): Jeff Bezos “Value Creation” Edition

Tyler Durden: Yesterday, we summarized all that was wrong in Amazon.com, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) worst quarter in history where apparently one can no longer “make up for negative profits with volume.” Here is another way of deconstructing Amazon’s ... [Read More]

Why Money Doesn’t Measure Value

Mises Daily Friday by Robert Murphy: Robert Murphy, contra Real Clear Markets and Forbes, explains why money is not like a ruler and doesn’t measure value.   ... [Read More]

How to Safeguard Your Digital Currency

This post How to Safeguard Your Digital Currency appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Prevent Your Digital Cash From Getting Stolen With These Storage Solutions The technical details of Bitcoin can be quite confusing for the novice. But this shouldn’t ... [Read More]

Quantitative Easing By The Numbers

Chris Preston: By all accounts, the Federal Reserve is about to pull the plug on quantitative easing. If true, it would mark the end of a golden age for U.S. stocks. The Fed enacted its bond-buying program, a.k.a. quantitative easing, way back in ... [Read More]

The Fed’s New Labor-Market Measure

Mises Daily Tuesday by Frank Shostak: The Fed has created a new measure of employment that it says it will use to guide monetary policy. Unfortunately, simply knowing employment trends tells us little about whether or not real wealth is being created ... [Read More]

Solar to Save the World, Ebola to Maim it

This post Solar to Save the World, Ebola to Maim it appeared first on Daily Reckoning. “Here’s a quick quiz,” our tech whiz Stephen Petranek writes: “What U.S. industry has grown its installed base by more than 418% since 2010? “What industry ... [Read More]

Opportunity Of The Decade In Gold Miners

Laurynas Vegys:  Gold stocks staged spring and summer rallies this year, but haven’t able to sustain the momentum. Many have sold off sharply in recent weeks, along with gold. That makes this a good time to examine the book value of gold equities; ... [Read More]

A Good Data-Wise Week For China.

* Currencies eke out small gains. * Eurozone AQR results on Sunday. * Brazilian election on Sunday, finally! . * China's Gold demand in 2013 reaches 2,199 tonnes! . And Now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good Day!... And ... [Read More]

50 Percent Of American Workers Make Less Than 28,031 Dollars A Year

The Social Security Administration has just released wage statistics for 2013, and the numbers are startling.  Last year, 50 percent of all American workers made less than $28,031, and 39 percent of all American workers made less than $20,000.  If ... [Read More]

White House Security Goes to the Dogs

White House security has officially gone to the dogs. Just a month after knife-wielding Army veteran Omar Gonzalez vaulted the fence and sprinted inside the White House’s East Room, another intruder jumped the barricade but was quickly captured. By ... [Read More]

Larry White’s Baffling Interview on the Gold Standard

Lawrence H. White speaking at the Mises Institute’s Capitol Hill Gold Standard Conference, November 1983 In his recent three-part interview (here, here and here) on the gold standard, Larry White perplexes almost as much as he enlightens.  Let’s ... [Read More]

From Creditopia to Utopia

This post From Creditopia to Utopia appeared first on Daily Reckoning. [Ed Note: This essay was adapted from Richard Duncan's latest book, The New Depression.] The economy has grown dependent on government spending and debt. Therefore, given the ... [Read More]

Inflation Slips In The U.S., Imagine That!

* Currencies eke out small gains. * Bank of Canada leaves rates unchanged. * Mexican Retail Sales soar! . * China's PMI surprises to the upside!. And Now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good Day!... And a Tub Thumpin' Thursday to you! ... [Read More]

Why Democracy Won’t Survive the New Depression

This post Why Democracy Won’t Survive the New Depression appeared first on Daily Reckoning. People often ask me, “How severe would the New Depression be?” And I think the best way to think about it is to consider what happened with the last ... [Read More]

Dollar Strength Does Not Bode Well For U.S. Overseas Companies

Chad Shoop: American consumers have begun to enjoy the benefits of a strong dollar, such as being just a little bit more valuable during overseas travel, and electronic gadgets and other imported goods being just a little bit cheaper. But for ... [Read More]

Lessons on Economics and Politics from South Park

LearnLiberty.org is offering a new course developed by George Crowley of Troy University titled “Subliminal Lessons from South Park: A Super Primer on Economics and Politics.” The course blurb: Hooowdy Ho Everbody! We are excited to bring you our ... [Read More]

October Plays Another Dirty Trick – Here’s What You Do Now

This post October Plays Another Dirty Trick – Here’s What You Do Now appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Bad things have a funny way of happening in October. Remember October 1929? Me neither. But it raised the curtain on the Great Depression. Or ... [Read More]

The Economy Continues To Suffer From Rising Food Prices

Thanks to the Federal Reserve, the middle class is slowly being suffocated by rising food prices.  Every single dollar in your wallet is constantly becoming less valuable because of the inflation the Fed systematically creates.  And if you try to ... [Read More]