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The Big Question for 2016: Commodity Inflation or Credit Market Deflation?

As you can see from my IDW on the left, this measure of credit expansion and credit contraction is for the moment at least in the expansion or inflation mode. After moving over the three-year moving average it fell back to test it. It passed the test and, so far this year, it seems to be “onward and upward.” I wrote a bit about this issue on the ... [Read More]

Too Many Alligators to Drain the Swamp?

On this week's radio program David Stockman, Chen Lin and Quinton Hennigh return. The stock market makes new highs as investors buy the notion that fiscal stimulus and tax cuts under Trump can return America to prosperity and rejuvenate the ... [Read More]

Fake News: The Fake-Stream Media Devours Itself

When their Anointed One lost the election, big television news networks and primary newspapers coined the term “fake news” because they were angry at alternative media for eroding deep into their domain. It was time to expose these fakers because ... [Read More]

In a Free Market, No Profit is “Excessive”

A     Profits are never normal. They appear only where there is a maladjustment, a divergence between actual production and production as it should be in order to utilize the available material and mental ... [Read More]

Will Trump Continue the Bush-Obama Legacy?

    Last week, Congress passed a budget calling for increasing federal spending and adding $1.7 trillion to the national debt over the next ten years. Most so-called “fiscal conservatives" voted for this big-spending ... [Read More]

Will the CIA Retaliate Against Trump?

by Jacob G. Hornberger January 10, 2017 (http://www.fff.org/2017/01/10/will-cia-retaliate-trump/) In a truly remarkable bit of honesty and candor regarding the U.S. national-security establishment, new Senate minority leader Charles Schumer has ... [Read More]

Here’s Why It’s Time To Short Oil

Analyst John Ross Crooks III presents his case for betting against oil in the near term, with prices likely having already hit their post-OPEC peak. If You Make a Grand Shorting Oil, It’s on Me! Free. And sufficiently timely, yes. That’s ... [Read More]

“Hell Week II: The Revenge” Threatens Unrestrained Election Rejection

Late in 2016, I predicted the week after the election would be hell week as people revolted against the election results, and it was so. First, the mainstream media stared into living rooms in shock and awe as they reported with tear-brimmed eyes ... [Read More]

American Small Businesses Party Like It’s 2004

France reported this week that its summer hosting of Euro 2016, Europe’s soccer championships, added $1.26 billion to its economy. This is good news, for sure, and worth celebrating. But here’s the thing: Why doesn’t France put as much effort ... [Read More]

The March Event That Could Push Gold Higher

Ever since the election of Donald Trump, we've seen a dramatic shift in the markets. U.S. stocks surged to all-time highs and the U.S. dollar index hit its highest level since March 2003. With the improvement in market sentiment and the greenback's ... [Read More]

Here’s Why The Uranium ETF Keeps Surging This Year

From Zacks: The only pure play uranium ETF – The Global X Uranium ETF (URA – Free Report) started 2017 on an encouraging note. In fact, URA surged 20.1% in the last one month (as of January 10, 2017) outshining the broader materials ETF ... [Read More]

Goldman Warns: Stocks Have Rallied Despite No Change In EPS Forecasts

From Tyler Durden: Goldman is starting to get concerned. As chief strategist David Kostin writes in his latest weekly kickstart, while stocks have surged by 6% since the election on the prospect of higher earnings under potential Trump policies, ... [Read More]

Get Defensive Ahead Of Inauguration Day With This Low Volatility ETF

On January 20th, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. While he’s had perhaps the most unconventional path to the White House in recent memory, investors have to like what they’ve seen so ... [Read More]

The Last Two Times Oil Jumped This Much, U.S. Bond Yields Plunged

From Eric Bush: It is somewhat hard to believe, but oil prices are up nearly 90% over the past year. The past two times oil prices have increased this much year-over-year, US 10-year bonds rallied quite significantly. In 2008, oil was up over 100% in ... [Read More]

China At Risk Of Increased Instability In 2017

From Northern Trust: The signs of the new year are readily apparent. Lines at the salad bar are longer and lines at the burger station are shorter. More commuters are reading books and fewer are playing games on their phones. The bathroom shared by ... [Read More]

Here Are The Major ETF Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

From Franklin Templeton Investments: The turn of the calendar to a new year brings new year’s resolutions—and predictions. While many market pundits are now making their prognostications for the year ahead, David Mann, head of Capital ... [Read More]

Will Gold Prices Surge Under Trump Like They Did Under Obama?

From Mark O’Byrne: Gold prices have had a good start to 2017 and has made gains in the majority of currencies, building on the strong gains seen in 2016. So far in 2017, gold is 3.5% higher in dollars, 2.3% higher in euros and 4% higher in ... [Read More]

Is A Stock Market Crash Looming? These Charts Say No

From Taki Tsaklanos: All stock market indexes in the U.S. reached all-time highs in the last couple of weeks. It is interesting to observe how diverse opinions have become. Stock forecasters are now even more bullish, while bears are more convinced ... [Read More]

George Soros: The Man Behind the Mayhem

I have struggled to understand George Soros because he is a character riddled with contradiction. His push to break down borders by increasing immigration all over the world is undermining his desire to establish a unified Europe and a unified world. ... [Read More]

Get Ready For The Trump Slump With These Defensive ETFs

From Zacks: The latest streak of gains in the key U.S. indices was as surprising as Trump’s win in the U.S. election. Since Trump’s election win in early November, the S&P 500-based ETF (SPY – Free Report) has added about 6.1%, the Dow Jones ... [Read More]

The S&P 500 Is Stuck In A Tight Range As Bulls And Bears Battle It Out

From Corey Rosenbloom: In the battle for market dominance we still don’t have a winner. Bulls? Bears? Nada. Instead we remain trapped at the highs in a volatile sideways trading range. Here’s today’s updated S&P 500 Emini ... [Read More]