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Sticking to the Basics

Policymakers constantly play a kind of Three-Card Monte on the public. The Fed for example picks and chooses which statistics to tell the public it uses to make money printing decisions, but no one really knows what it is basing its decision on, because it operates in total secret. Working in concert with the Fed, the Treasury also plays a kind of ... [Read More]

Why You Can Bet Against Rising Interest Rates

John Rubino, Patrick Cruickshank and Michael Oliver return. Brien Lundin appears on Top Stock Picks at JayTaylorMedia.com. John explains why U.S. Treasury rates “can’t” surge higher, even though foreigners are dishoarding U.S. Treasuries, as the ... [Read More]

Gold Breakthrough!

Gold – London PM Fix (Average Monthly Gold Price Based on London P.M. Fix)   It’s barely discernible but for the first time since the end of January 2013, the monthly average gold price has as of the end of this week exceeded both ... [Read More]

Using Gold as Money for Gains

Darrell MacMullin & Jean Lafleur return as guests on this week’s episode of the radio program. Darrell will explain how you can profit by using gold as money via GoldMoney’s patented products. Jean, who heads up one the largest undeveloped ... [Read More]

Silver Prices May Have Already Peaked This Year

From Taki Tsaklanos: Silver prices continued their downtrend this week. Silver peaked at $18.00 this week, and lost 4 percent as they closed at $17.22. The silver price chart looks not very constructive at this point. InvestingHaven made the point ... [Read More]

Expect Emerging Markets To Remain Strong Through 2018

From Taki Tsaklanos: Emerging markets will be among the most bullish stocks for 2018. That is one of Investing Haven’s most explicit market calls. Interestingly, it is not only InvestingHaven’s research team coming to that conclusion, but also some ... [Read More]

Why You Should Keep Trump Out Of Your Portfolio

From David Fabian: The first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency has been good for the stock market. Whether you agree with his policies or not, there is optimism for the future of the global economy that is being reflected in the recent price ... [Read More]

Here’s Why Emerging Market Bonds Are So Popular This Year

From BlackRock: Emerging market bonds have gotten a lot of attention this year. When choosing a fund, consider sustained performance rather than short bursts. This year has seen a resurgence of interest in emerging market (EM) bonds. Many investors ... [Read More]

As SEC Reviews Bitcoin ETF Again, An Ethereum ETF Might Come First

While earnings, tax reform and a looming potential government shutdown held the front page of the financial news this past week, the alt-currency market had a newsworthy week itself. The Chinese exchanges announced that it would charge a 0.2% fee on ... [Read More]

Gold’s Seasonal Weakness Coming To An End Soon?

From Sean Brodrick: Boy, gold is having a tough slog in April — and that comes on the heels of rough March. This is no surprise for calendar traders, though. They know that the best time of the year for gold is yet to come. And by that, I mean it’s ... [Read More]

Energy Sector Earnings Have Been Surprisingly Good So Far

From Steven Vannelli, CFA: So far in this earnings season, with over half of companies having reported, the energy sector has experienced the biggest earnings surprise. Earnings have come in almost 23% ahead of analyst estimates, nearly double the ... [Read More]

Down 10% This Week, The Uranium ETF Is Officially Back In Bear Mode

From Taki Tsaklanos: Uranium mining stocks had an extremely bad performance this week. Already back in February, InvestingHaven’s research team identified why 15 points in uranium mining stocks (URA) would have huge implications. This week, URA ETF, ... [Read More]

Why Investors Shouldn’t Worry Too Much About Weak Q1 GDP Numbers

From Invesco: US gross domestic product (GDP) rose only slightly in the first quarter, but this result was in line with Invesco Fixed Income’s expectations and we still expect solid growth this year. While output grew by only 0.7% annualized between ... [Read More]

Is Trump’s Reflation Trade Already Over?

From BlackRock: The “reflation trade” that began in late 2016 has lost steam. Russ Koesterich discusses what comes next. Back in late 2016 it seemed terribly simple. Growth and inflation would rise on the back of U.S. fiscal stimulus. Investors would ... [Read More]

Central Banks’ Obsession with Price Stability Leads to Economic Instability

By: Frank ShostakFor most economists the key factor that sets the foundation for healthy economic fundamentals is a stable price level as depicted by the consumer price index.According to this way of thinking, a stable price level doesn’t obscure the ... [Read More]

Week in Review: April 29, 2017

By: Mises InstituteLast weekend the left took to the streets to March for Science. Unfortunately, as Jonathan Newman noted this week, it was really a march for scientism by those who want to see bigger government. This is hardly a surprise, socialism ... [Read More]

Bank of England releases new data on its gold vault holdings

Posted on 28 Apr 2017 by Ronan Manly  On its website, the Bank of England has just published new data on its website detailing month-end gold custody holdings for gold held within its vaults. This data covers every month for the last 6 years i.e. ... [Read More]

Kicking The Can Down The Road Again!

In This Issue. * Currencies are stronger this morning. * Commodity currencies rally!.. * ECB & Riksbank disappoint Chuck!. * Following up on Kondratieff. ******************************************** And now. Today's A Pfennig For Your ... [Read More]

An Interview with James Buchanan

By: Mises Institute, James Buchanan[From the Austrian Economics Newsletter, Fall 1987.]James McGill Buchanan is the founder of the New Political Economy called Public Choice. He had devoted his 40-year career to applying the economic tools of ... [Read More]

Colorado House Votes to Bar State Agents from Assisting Federal Police

By: Ryan McMakenThe Colorado House of Representatives voted 56-7 on Wednesday to pass legislation mandating that "the state, a state agency, or an agency of a political subdivision of the state shall not knowingly assist or aid a federal agency or ... [Read More]

Lack Of New Oil Discoveries Could Finally Spur Crude Price Rally

From Nick Cunningham: The volume of new oil discoveries hit a record low in 2016, the result of severe cuts to exploration budgets amid plummeting oil prices. The number of new conventional drilling projects also dropped to the lowest level in 70 ... [Read More]

Stocks, Bonds Sending Mixed Signals To Investors

The stock and bond markets are sending two different messages. And, unfortunately for stock investors, the way I am reading the tea leaves, it’s the bond market that’s got it right. That means profit-seeking investors need to be on guard and “put the ... [Read More]

After A Big Week Of Gains, Stocks Begin To Look A Little Expensive

Technical analyst Dave Chojnacki of Street One Financial wraps up the trading week and month with a deep dive into the technicals for the major U.S. indexes, which look poised to close out the week with very solid gains. Economic reports disappointed ... [Read More]

WisdomTree’s Q1 Revenue Falls 10% As Largest Funds Lose Assets

WisdomTree Investments, Inc. (NASDAQ:WETF) early Friday posted solid first quarter earnings results, as revenues plunged from year-ago levels, but showed improvement sequentially from Q4 2016. The New York City-based ETF issuer reported Q1 earnings ... [Read More]