On the the next radio program: "Profiting from this Impending Stock Market Decline" Kevin Duffy, Michael Oliver and Janet Lee-Sheriff are guests.
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Profiting from this Impending Stock Market Decline

Kevin Duffy, Michael Oliver and William Sheriff are this week’s guests. Kevin of Bearing Asset Management, a company that has been most successful in equity bear markets, explains why he believes we are facing a major bear market and how you can turn what will be a huge negative for most portfolios into sizeable gains over the next few years. ... [Read More]

A Stronger Canadian Dollar May Soon Help Our Cause

I talked about the chart on your left in my January 2017 monthly issue and the reasons for this major detachment of the price of gold from the growth of U.S. debt. You may want to revisit that discussion if you find it of interest. All I want to ... [Read More]

Is the U.S. T-Bond a Judas Goat?

Peter Grandich, Michael Oliver and Jim Payne return as guests on the radio program. Farmers have learned that a goat can be trained to associate with sheep, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a trained goat will lead sheep to ... [Read More]

Colonel House and Woodrow Wilson: Paving the Way for War

By: T. Hunt Tooley[Editor's Note: This is part 4 of a multi-part series.]In reconstructing the American decision to enter the Great War, the relationship between Colonel Edward Mandell House and his "alter ego," Woodrow Wilson, is crucial. Robert ... [Read More]

Tap Israel’s Red-Hot Technology Sector With This Unique ETF

We have previously examined EIS (iShares MSCI Israel Capped, Expense Ratio 0.62%, $113 million in AUM) as the largest “Middle East” fund in the U.S. listed landscape, as it’s more than twice the size of the next largest fund in the segment, QAT ... [Read More]

Courageous Options Traders Place Some Bearish Bets On SPY

Analyst Paul Weisbruch of Street One Financial brings us his daily fund flows update, which today points out some bearish bets on the world’s largest ETF, inflows coming back to large-cap equity funds, and fresh new lows for long volatility ... [Read More]

U.K. ETFs In Focus On Brexit Day

The iShares MSCI United Kingdom ETF (NYSE:EWU) is in focus today, as British Prime Minister Theresa May kicks off two years of negotiations for her nation to leave the European Union. May had recently rattled many U.K. business leaders with warnings ... [Read More]

Did the Government Spy on Trump? Of Course. It Spies on All of Us!

Ron Paul Mar 27, 2017 There was high drama last week when Rep. Devin Nunes announced at the White House that he had seen evidence that the communications of the Donald Trump campaign people, and perhaps even Trump himself, had been “incidentally ... [Read More]

The Dollar Rebounds.

* Dollar plays Joker's Wild and wins!. * Euro, sterling & yen are the big losers overnight. * Commodity Currencies rally! * Poloz shows his true colors!. ******************************************** And now. Today's A Pfennig For Your ... [Read More]

Dennis Gartman: “We Have No Choice” But To Be Bullish On Stocks Again

From Tyler Durden: With so much flip-flopping from Dennis Gartman in just the past week, it is enough to make one’s head spin. After missing Friday’s move lower, on Monday morning Gartman said he was actively looking to “re-establish net short ... [Read More]

Time To Get Bullish On Emerging Europe

Frank Holmes of U.S. Global Investors brings us seven big reasons to be bullish on Emerging Europe as an investment vehicle right now. 1. Eurozone PMI at a Six-Year High For the month of March, the preliminary purchasing manager’s index (PMI) for the ... [Read More]

Huge Growth In China By Tesla Inc Likely Spurred Tencent Stake

From StockNews.com: Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) shares jumped yesterday after news that Chinese investing giant Tencent Holdings had taken a passive 5% stake in the company. Since then, analysts and investors have been wondering two things: why Tencent ... [Read More]

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Finally Snaps Its Near-Record Losing Streak

Market technician Dave Chojnacki of Street One Financial recaps Tuesday’s big equities rally and updates the important technical levels for investors and traders to focus on as the end-of-quarter window dressing continues on Wall Street. The markets ... [Read More]

Long-Term Bullish Trend Line For Amazon.com, Inc. In Danger Of Breaking Down

From Dana Lyons: Amazon and Alphabet – 2 important generals of the market rally – are undergoing similar tests of their uptrends. Over the past week, we’ve seen the stock market tested moreso than any other point since the post-election rally kicked ... [Read More]

BlackRock: Opportunities Abound In The Energy Sector Right Now

From BlackRock: A recent drop in energy-related assets appears overdone given our outlook for oil prices, creating opportunities in selected energy equities and credit. Richard Turnill explains, with the help of this week’s chart. A recent drop in ... [Read More]

Investors Flock To Gold, EM Funds Amid Trump Policy Uncertainty

From Zacks: U.S stocks witnessed their largest redemption since the Brexit vote in June, to the tune of $8.9 billion, in the week ended March 22, 2017. This happened as Donald Trump’s first major legislation, the Affordable Health Care Act was ... [Read More]

Silver Looks Poised For A Massive New Rally

From Sean Brodrick: Silver has its racing shoes on, and it is pulling away from the pack. Take a look at the year-to-date performance of silver, gold and the S&P 500. Permalink The S&P 500 is up 5.77%, riding a wave of Trump-mentum. Gold is doing ... [Read More]

Oil Prices Bounce As Pace Of Inventory Build-Up Slows

From Julianne Geiger: The American Petroleum Institute (API) reported a build of 1.91 million barrels in United States crude oil inventories, compared to fairly accurate expert predictions that domestic supplies would see a 2-million-barrel ... [Read More]

Time To Consider Inverse Equities ETFs?

From Tony Sagami: My mother took education very seriously. On the first day of first grade, my mother, Hiroko, marched me to school and told the teacher to seat me in the front row by her desk. And there I sat until junior high. Oh, I hated sitting ... [Read More]

Examining The Potential Fallout From Trump’s Infrastructure & Tax Plans

From Bryce Coward, CFA: With the dissolution of healthcare legislation barely final, murmurers out of Washington seem to suggest tax reform/cuts and infrastructure may be tackled in tandem in a way that attracts bipartisan support. If it comes to ... [Read More]

China’s Massive Equities Rally May Only Just Be Getting Started

From Taki Tsaklanos: Our readers probably vividly remember how we released this market call last year: A China Stock Market Crash In 2017? Not Really. In that post, we explained in great detail why and how we strongly believed China’s stock market ... [Read More]

The Problem with Paid Parental Leave

By: Xiong YueA Chinese fable called "Three in the Morning and Four in the Evening," relates this story: An old man in ancient China wanted to reduce his pet monkeys' food as he can't afford the previous amount any longer. He first told them that he ... [Read More]