On the the next radio program: "How Much Longer Can the Dollar Remain The World’s Reserve Currency?" F. William Engdahl and Darin Wagner are this week's guest.
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Buy the Dips or Sell the Rips?

Bill Laggner and Robert McHugh returned as guests on the radio program this week. The Bearing Fund that blew every other fund away with triple digit gains during the 2008-09 market crash says buy the dips will no longer work. In fact he agrees with David Stockman that it is time to “sell the rips” resulting from Fed and Treasury market ... [Read More]

My IDW Tells Me the Global Economy Is Going Down Hard!

The Fundamentals Agree From a fundamental perspective, no one makes more sense to me than former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman, whom I have had on my show from time to time in the past. And the description he gave of why our economic ... [Read More]

Do we know how to make accurate investment decisions?

Jay was a recent guest on "Because There’s More" radio program that is also hosted on Voice America. During this episode, expert show host Jay Taylor describes decision-making patterns and information parameters that he typically encounters when ... [Read More]

What are the Gold/Dow & Silver/Dow Ratios Telling Us?

Franklin Sanders returns and Malcolm Davidson visits for the first time on this week's radio program. Few hard money professionals better understand the spiritual pathology of fiat money than does Franklin Sanders. Fiat money is simply legalized ... [Read More]

How to Profit from a “Bad News” Natural Gas Trade

This post How to Profit from a “Bad News” Natural Gas Trade appeared first on Daily Reckoning. A “bad news” rally is one of the most powerful forces in the markets. When a stock or commodity rips higher on bad news, your best move is to buy with both ... [Read More]

Russ Baker Discusses Katrina Madness with Gary Null

Russ Baker and radio host Gary Null discuss the tragedy of Katrina, “disaster capitalism”, the Bush Administration’s hollowing out of government services, and more. What you didn’t hear … anywhere else during all the 10th anniversary ... [Read More]

Judge Napolitano on Immigration and Birthright Citizenship

A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssJudge Napolitano on Immigration and Birthright Citizenship September 3, 2015Ryan McMakenIn his column today at LewRockwell.com, Judge Napolitano frames the immigration issue in light of the the right to travel. ... [Read More]

Editors’ Picks for Sept 3

We’re pleased to introduce a new feature that will appear on our site and in our daily newsletter, replacing the current model. PICKS are articles from around the web, either selected by our editors or recommended by readers.These are articles that ... [Read More]

The Fed May Have to Save Emerging Markets With QE4

This post The Fed May Have to Save Emerging Markets With QE4 appeared first on Daily Reckoning. A funny thing happened on the way to permanently expanding global markets: unintended consequences. Borrowing cheap, abundant U.S. dollars seemed like a ... [Read More]

Volatility ETFs Are A Perfect Lesson In Bear Market Math

David Fabian:  I certainly didn’t invent the term bear market math, yet it tends to be a phrase that causes everyone to sit up straight and listen. The easiest way to define this arithmetic is to show you some quick illustrations of how big of a gain ... [Read More]

What Does A Stock Market Bottom Look Like?

Chris Ciovacco:  Since the S&P 500 recently completed a very rare period of V-bottoms, it is easy to visualize and understand the “rapid bottom and push to new highs” case for stocks. Recency bias tells us we may have pushed other historical examples ... [Read More]

One-And-Done For The Fed?

* Dollar takes more of the conn.. * Krona is best performer after Riksbank decision . * ECB meeting as Chuck writes. * Riding the Oil roller coaster . And now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good day. And a Tub Thumpin' Thursday to ... [Read More]

Did You Hear the One . . .

A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssDid You Hear the One . . . September 2, 2015Joseph T. Salernoabout a Swedish guy who went into a bank to open a simple savings account and had his business refused?  Well here it is.  Tweet Follow Mises ... [Read More]

Wednesday’s Picks: Sept 02, 2015

VOLUNTEER!  Do you have skills you’d like to offer? We have all kinds of needs. For more info, visit our Volunteer Page. NOW LIVE ON WhoWhatWhy Is Trump Gambling His Empire With Risky Prez Bid? By Jon Hecht Donald Trump’s success in early primary ... [Read More]

20% of One Investing Icon’s Portfolio Now in Gold

This post 20% of One Investing Icon’s Portfolio Now in Gold appeared first on Daily Reckoning. If a world-class investor that I follow adds a new stock to his or her portfolio, I try to take a good look at it. If, arguably, the best hedge fund ... [Read More]

The ‘Great Fall Of China’ And The Future Of Emerging Markets

Tony Daltorio:   Some called it China’s “Black Monday.” Others, more clever, called it the “Great Fall of China.” Whatever you call it, the end result last week was a worldwide sell-off in equities. Then as sure as dawn follows the night, the pundits ... [Read More]

Trump: The Brand-Name Candidate

To New Yorkers, the name “Trump” is always written with a certain unique flair — and is always outsized.Gold-plated and tall as a man, the name “TRUMP” dominates an entire block on Fifth Avenue. The unavoidable letters, which hover above the entrance ... [Read More]

The Concept Of Money And The Money Illusion

Awareness about the concept of money is making a comeback. Gone are the decades in which the global citizenry was fooled to leave this subject to economists, governments and banks – a setup that has proven to end in disaster. The crisis in 2008 has ... [Read More]

Just What Heck Are The Chinese Up To?

In This Issue. * Another mixed day for currencies and metals * A Trader corrects, Chuck . * Australia misses expectations on GDP. * Oil gives back $4 won the day before . And now. Today's A Pfennig For Your Thoughts. Good day. And a ... [Read More]

Why September Could Be A Tough Month For The Stock Market

After enduring their worst August in 17 years, U.S. stocks are off to their worst start to a September in 13 years.  Just yesterday, I declared that we would be entering the “danger zone” this month, and it didn’t take long for the action to ... [Read More]

VIDEO: Joseph Salerno on Ron Paul’s Liberty Report

A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssVIDEO: Joseph Salerno on Ron Paul's Liberty Report Joseph Salerno appeared today on Ron Paul's Liberty Report.For more on this topic, see:Salerno's interview on Mises Weekends,"The International War on Cash" by ... [Read More]

What Trump Means to Your Investments

This post What Trump Means to Your Investments appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Readers have emailed, asking — in essence — “If America elects Donald Trump as president, what does it mean for energy, precious metals and minerals?” Good question, ... [Read More]

QE4 and Dow at 25,000

This post QE4 and Dow at 25,000 appeared first on Daily Reckoning. GUALFIN, Argentina – The Great Zombie War is proceeding as expected… Cannons to the left. Cannons to the right. And a fool on every corner. It will become more and more dangerous, we ... [Read More]